You likely have a camera within two feet of you as you read this. Our phones these days are capable of so much. When you are in a car accident, having that camera on you is a great advantage.

Auto Accident Photo Evidence

The evidence you gather at the scene can help you win your case. Taking pictures on your phone is one of the most powerful ways to gather evidence. The more photos you take the better.

Photos speak volumes about your accident. The court can tell a lot about what happened during your accident just by looking at a few photos. This guide can help you learn what types of photos are useful in a car accident.

Collision Photos

It is important to include photos of the scene itself. Specifically, you want photos of the cars involved. You should also get photos of the surrounding area.

Having photos of the debris and tire marks can help investigators tell the story of the accident, as well. You can make many conclusions about an accident based on these types of photos.

Graphs and Charts

This is a tool a lawyer will use to help your case. You can use visuals to tell the story of the accident. It doesn’t necessarily have to use photos that you took to be effective.

The jury will be able to look at these graphs and charts while they are deciding about your case. It is something your lawyer can leave out for them to look at. It can be really powerful.

Bird’s Eye Photos

You are not going to be able to take this photo unless you somehow have access to a tall building right by the accident. Odds are you won’t. This is the kind of photo that will be collected by your lawyer who can get access to security cameras from local businesses.

You can really show the entirety of the scene of the accident with a bird’s eye photo.

Blown-Up Images

Any of the photos that you took at the scene can be blown up for the jury to see. You can imagine how impossible it would be to hold up a phone screen and try to share photos with the jury that way.

When a lawyer blows up an image for the jury to see, it can be very powerful. You get to see all of the details that may help win your case.

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