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Have you lost someone you love in an accident that could have been avoided? We want to express our sympathies. You and your family deserve compensation for this horrible event. After you read up about a wrongful death case in Florida, please do not hesitate to call our office. Our skilled and supportive team of East Central Florida wrongful death lawyers are here to help you get through this case and get the results your family deserves.

How a Wrongful Death Case Compensation Award Works

When you are going after compensation for the loss of your loved one, it is important to know several things about how it works. There are two ways you can receive compensation:

  • Wrongful death compensation
  • Pain and suffering compensatory damages

Wrongful death compensation is easier to calculate because the award is based on medical bills and expenses, hospital bills, and the lost wages that your loved one would have contributed in their life, etc. These compensatory damages are for all of the expenses related to the passing of your loved ones.

Pain and suffering, on the other hand, is something that is very difficult to put a number on. This type of award will vary from case to case. It is really difficult for anyone to put a number on the pain and suffering that your loved one went through before they passed on.

In order to receive this compensation, you need to have the right person bring this case. Here are the people who are allowed to bring a wrongful death case:

  1. The spouse of the victim
  2. If the victim was not married, the children of the victim
  3. If the victim did not have a spouse or children, the parents of the victim

In order to know for certain who is allowed to bring your wrongful death claim and who can collect the compensation award, you should talk to one of our East Central Florida wrongful death lawyers. The person who can bring a case is not always going to fall into one of these three categories. There are special circumstances that might have a financially dependent sibling be the one who can bring the claim.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

When a family has lost a loved one in an accident, this is a tragedy that is devastating. It is a sad fact that thousands of individuals are killed each year due to the negligence or harmful intent of others. The loss cannot be replaced, but a wrongful death claim has helped many families begin to put their shattered lives back together. In a wrongful death claim, immediate family members such as spouses, siblings, children or parents all have the right to seek damages for their loss.

By holding the responsible party accountable for their actions, some measure of relief can be brought to bear. One of our East Central Florida wrongful death lawyers can assist your family through this difficult time by dealing with the complex and consuming procedure of investigating the loss and ensuring those who were negligent pay compensation.

Accidents Leading to Wrongful Death

Many accidents can lead to severe injuries that results in death, such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Work related accidents
  • Slip & Falls
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Boating accidents

Often the person severely injured requires medical care and incurs costs prior to their death. A wrongful death claim will help the family recover the cost of this medical care, funeral expenses, and other related costs. In addition, a claim can provide the family with compensation for the loss of future earnings that would have been used to help support the family. As mentioned, pain and emotional suffering can also be sought in a wrongful death claim, as well.

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At Layman Law Firm, we believe in working hard for our clients and helping them obtain the compensation they deserve when they have lost a loved one due to an accident caused by another. Contact one of our East Central Florida wrongful death lawyers during this difficult time for help with your wrongful death claim.