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Every parent’s nightmare is their child getting hurt. You are likely dealing with a lot of fear. Is your child going to be okay? Will this affect them later in life? Our East Central Florida child injury attorneys have seen these cases before. We can help.

No one wants to see their child in pain. It makes you want to do something for them. Your family deserve money for your child’s injury. Layman Law can bring your case all the way to a successful outcome for you and your child.

Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

You will likely get a call from the insurance company early on. They sound like they are going to help you get all this taken care of. It can be convincing if you don’t know what to expect from them.

They will try to get a recorded statement from you. It is important that you do not give them one. Don’t talk to them. They are not your friend. They want to save themselves money.

We have to fight for your right to the money you deserve for your child’s injury. We will fight to get you results you deserve.

Get Your Child Medical Treatment

Get your child in front of a doctor right away. Do this as soon as you can. You want them to ease their pain. Treatment will help with that.

Take them to all of the follow up appointments that they need. Help them with any of the doctor’s advice they need to take to get better.

Their health is the most important thing.

We Don’t Take a Dime Unless You Win

If your case does not win then you do not have to pay us. We work on a contingency fee. We make money only if you make money.

We fight so hard to ensure the success of your case.

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