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Melbourne Parking Lot Accident Injuries Lawyer

Parking lots are something most of us are accustomed to navigating on a regular basis. Although you may not think of a parking lot as particularly dangerous, serious – even fatal – accidents occur in parking lots. If you were injured in a Melbourne parking lot accident, an experienced Melbourne parking lot accident injuries lawyer at Layman Law Firm, P.L. can help you pursue a premises liability lawsuit against the at-fault party (or parties). As an injured victim, you may be entitled to compensation from the owner of the parking lot for your physical injuries and emotional trauma.

The Melbourne parking lot accident injuries lawyers at Layman Law Firm, P.L. are committed to putting their extensive experience and considerable resources to work for you. We will aggressively pursue the responsible party (or parties) and advocate on your behalf to secure compensation for all your injuries.

What Causes a Melbourne Parking Lot Accident?

When you envision a parking lot accident you probably think of a fender-bender involving two vehicles. Minor collisions are a frequent occurrence in parking lots; however, parking lot accident injuries can also be caused by other hazards, such as:

  • Failing to provide adequate security. If you have ever hesitated to walk through a deserted parking lot alone at night, you likely hesitated because you have heard one too many stories about assaults and robberies occurring under similar circumstances. If you were injured in a parking lot theft or assault, and the lack of adequate security contributed to the theft or assault, the parking lot owner may be held legally liable for your injuries.
  • Failing to inspect and clean the property. When the owner of a parking lot fails to inspect and clean the parking lot on a routine basis, dangerous substances and/or debris can become hazardous to anyone traversing the parking lot. Motor oil and other liquid substances can pose a slip-and-fall hazard while pedestrians can trip over other types of garbage or debris.
  • Failing to provide and maintain adequate lighting. By its very nature, a parking lot has both vehicles and pedestrians always moving through. To prevent vehicular and pedestrian accidents, a parking lot should contain adequate lighting, and that lighting should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is functioning properly.
  • Design defects or the use of sub-standard construction. To reduce the risk of collisions and pedestrian accidents, a parking lot should be properly designed. A defective design, on the other hand, can contribute to a parking lot injury. Even if the parking lot was properly designed, the use of sub-standard materials during the construction of the parking lot can result in crumbling curbs, cracks in the concrete or asphalt, retention of water, and uneven surfaces that can pose a hazard to pedestrians walking through the parking lot.
  • Failing to maintain the parking lot. To reduce the risk of injury to vehicles and people using the parking lot, the owner should conduct regular inspections and make necessary repairs to the property. When a parking lot owner fails to maintain the property, that failure can contribute to an injury accident and subject the owner to liability.


What Are Some Common Melbourne Parking Lot Injuries?

The victim of a Melbourne parking lot accident may suffer physical injuries, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to life-threatening injuries. In addition, a victim may experience financial hardship and suffer long-lasting emotional trauma. Common parking lot accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Head and eye injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, including paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains and strains
  • Scrapes and burns from road rash
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Infections from wounds
  • Psychological trauma


Who Is Liable for Injuries I Sustain in a Melbourne Parking Lot Accident?

A Melbourne parking lot accident can result in significant medical bills and may lead to lost wages and lasting emotional trauma. Consequently, you may also face financial hardship in the weeks and months following a parking lot accident. If the parking lot accident that led to your injuries was preventable, the owner or occupier of the parking lot may be held legally liable for your injuries through a premises liability lawsuit.

“Torts” is the area of the law that allows a victim to pursue damages for injury to his/her person or property. Premises liability is a type of tort that specifically addresses situations wherein a person is injured while on the property of another. The doctrine of premises liability imposes a duty of care on the owner or occupier of a property. The extent of the duty of care imposed on an owner/occupier is determined by the status of the visitor. Florida law classifies visitors to a property as a public invitee/business licensee, a licensee, or a trespasser.

A “public invitee” is someone invited to enter or remain on the land as a member of the public for a purpose for which the land is held open to the public. Visitors to a city park, for example, are public invitees. A “business licensee” is invited to enter a property or remain on site for a specific purpose that is directly or indirectly connected with business dealings with the owner/occupier of the property. Typically, someone parking a vehicle in a parking lot would be considered a business licensee. Licensees are divided into invited and uninvited licensees. Invited licensees are usually social guests of the property owner/occupier while an uninvited licensee is on the property for his/her own convenience without being invited. Finally, a trespasser is someone who is not legally on the property.

The highest duty of care is owed to public invitees, business licensees, and invited licensees. That duty requires the property to be kept in a reasonably safe condition and requires the owner/occupier to make repairs or provide notice of any known dangers on the premises. An owner/occupier can also be held liable for dangerous conditions that they should have known about had they conducted a reasonable inspection. For an uninvited licensee the duty of care is the same as for an invited licensee except that an owner/occupier is not held liable for dangerous conditions of which they were unaware. For a trespasser, the duty of care only requires an owner/occupier to use reasonable care after the trespasser is discovered on the property.

What Compensation Might I Be Entitled to for My Melbourne Parking Lot Accident Injuries?

If you were injured in a Melbourne parking lot accident you could be entitled to economic and non-economic damages which may include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and other care costs
  • Lost income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Diminished qualify of life

If you are a surviving family member of someone who was fatally injured in a parking lot accident, you may be entitled to pursue compensation as the claimant in a wrongful death lawsuit. In a wrongful death lawsuit, compensation may be awarded to a claimant if the victim was a spouse or parent who can no longer provide the companionship, care, and support they provided prior to the accident.

Contact an Experienced Melbourne Parking Lot Accident Lawyer at Layman Law Firm, P.L.

If you were injured in a Melbourne parking lot accident, or a family member was killed in one, contact the experienced Melbourne parking lot accident lawyers at Layman Law Firm, P.L. to discuss your legal options. We are committed to ensuring that injured victims and surviving family members of a parking lot accident are fully and fairly compensated for their injuries and loss. Contact the team today for your free initial consultation by calling 321-773-2111 or by filling out our convenient Intake Evaluation Form online.