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If you have suffered a physical injury from another person’s negligence, contact our dedicated East Central Florida bodily injury lawyers  at Layman Law Firm to hold the responsible party accountable for maximum compensation. 

When you hear the term bodily injury, you might think about car accidents, insurance policies, etc. The term “bodily injury” is usually used in relation to that. There are specific definitions that determine if what you have is considered a bodily injury or not.

Bodily injury can be defined as a disease or sickness that someone sustained that can also include death that was a result of these. Physical injury is also among the qualifiers of what a bodily injury is. Illness and disease and injury can be catastrophic. If someone dies from a bodily injury, that death would be labeled under the same umbrella term which could qualify you for that type of case.

Types of bodily injuries that we handle cases for include:

Defining What Bodily Injury is as Opposed to Personal Injury

When a lawyer takes on a bodily injury case, it is typically seen as personal injury. Legally speaking, your personal injury attorney will be the representation that you need for compensation that is for physical and emotional and mental damages due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness.

With insurance, personal injury can mean something different from a bodily injury. Out of technicality they are not necessarily interchangeable because personal injury can be used as a term for injuries that do not necessarily involve a bodily injury specifically. It is important that your attorney knows this distinction and that you feel that they can support you.

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