Motorcycle Accident with No Helmet

Are you unsure if you can recover damages after a motorcycle accident with no helmet? Learn about the motorcycle helmet laws in Florida in this video.

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Can I still recover motorcycle accident damages if I wasn’t wearing a helmet?


Motorcycle Accident with No Helmet Yes, you can still recover damages in Florida. If you were on a motorcycle and not wearing a helmet, the fact that you are not wearing a helmet may come into play when assigning some comparative negligence to you. However, if your only injury is a broken ankle, the fact that you didn’t have a helmet on really shouldn’t impact the amount of your damages. If you have a head injury, however, there’s probably going to be a heavy comparative finding against you for not wearing a helmet.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida and want to know if you can recover damages if you weren’t wearing a helmet?
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