When Should I Contact an Attorney?

After sustaining serious injuries in an accident, clients will often wonder, “When should I contact an attorney?” Call Layman Law Firm today for a free review.

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How quickly should I contact an attorney after I was injured by another person?


I would recommend contacting an attorney as quickly as possible or as soon as you certainly can after you’ve been involved in a personal injury accident in the state of Florida. The sooner, the better, quite honestly. The reason being is, if you do not contact an attorney, When Should I Contact an Attorney? you’ll start to get phone calls from the insurance company for the at-fault party, and this could lead to them pressuring you to give recorded statements or to get authorization from you so they can get your medical records. Once you have an attorney, all that contact is going to stop, and the attorney that you decided to represent you then can facilitate moving your case forward in the way that he or she thinks it should be.

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