Injured Car Accident Passenger

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Seeing a Doctor After a Car Accident

Injured Car Accident Passenger It’s always advisable to go to the doctor’s office and get checked out by a licensed physician if you’ve been involved in a car accident here in the state of Florida. People that have been in a serious car accident are not going to need to be prompted to go to the doctor; they are going to go to the hospital or go seek emergency treatment. People, however, that might have been involved in a less significant accident might avoid going to the doctor because they think that they’re okay or that the passage of time might heal them. In Florida, it’s very important to go to a doctor as soon as possible, however, because there’s a 14-day rule, according to our no-fault law. This law states if you don’t go to the doctor within 14 days of your crash, then you won’t be able to open up your PIP benefits and have that available to you to pay your medical bills.

Injured as a Passenger

Yes, you can present a claim for your damages against the driver of the vehicle you were riding in. The fact that you were not wearing a seat belt or the seat belt wasn’t buckled will come into play, however, as comparative negligence on your part. As a result, the extent of your damages or injuries that you might have sustained will be reduced, potentially, by the percentage of fault assignable to you for not having that seat belt buckled.

Recovering Damages as a Passenger

The short answer would be, yes. If you are a passenger in the car and someone else causes the crash, a claim could be presented against that person just as if you were the driver. Likewise, if you’re a passenger in a car and the person driving the vehicle causes the crash, a claim can be presented against them as well because you’re injured due to someone else’s negligence.

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