Recorded Statement for Your Motorcycle Accident

Giving a recorded statement for your motorcycle accident to the other driver’s insurance company could potentially harm your case. Contact Layman Law Firm today.


Should I provide statements to the insurance company after a motorcycle accident?


Recorded Statement for Your Motorcycle AccidentWere you asked to give a recorded statement for your motorcycle accident? You may have an obligation to provide a statement to your insurance company if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in the state of Florida. However, there is no requirement whatsoever that you give any type of statement to the insurance company for the party that hit you. Either way, I would definitely make sure that before you give a statement to any insurance company, you are accompanied by an attorney that knows motorcycle accident laws in Florida.

When you are involved in an accident where you are seeking compensation, you are more than likely going to be dealing with the liable party’s insurance company. Their main goal is to keep their costs low. They are not going to be prioritizing your compensation. When you are injured and seeking compensation, the liable party’s insurance company will be reaching out to you to get a recorded statement from you.

In this statement they will be asking you questions that are meant to illicit a particular response from you. If they can get the response they are looking to get, you will likely damage your case. We hope that, when our clients come in, they have not taken this call or made this statement because once you have given the insurance company something to use against you, you cannot get this back from them.

They are trained to get you to damage your case. If you put yourself at fault for the accident, they are going to be able to try to either reduce what they owe you or eliminate your claim altogether. These are things we are trying to help you avoid doing. When you hire a lawyer, they can take over all of the communications with the liable party’s insurance company so that you and your rights to full compensation are being protected.

We value your justice. We don’t want to see you lose out on justice because you were led the wrong way by the liable party’s insurance company to reduce the value of your claim or have it thrown out altogether because they were able to get you to answer their questions unfavorably. This is a very avoidable issue and it is important that we speak to you right away after you are injured so we can help you protect your rights from those who want to strip you of the justice you deserve.

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