Serious Car Accident Questions

Read these 3 serious car accident questions if you or a loved one have recently been in a serious accident. Then, call Layman Law for a free consultation.

Serious Car Accident Questions What if I was the victim of a hit and run accident?

If you have been involved in a hit-and-run accident or if you were run off the road by what’s known in Florida as a “phantom motorist”, then you still have a claim for injuries, if you have uninsured motorist coverage available on your policy. There are two things you need to do very quickly, however – number one, you need to make sure you notify the police that you were either hit by another vehicle that left the scene or run off the road, as the case may be, and, secondly, you need to notify your insurance company. There are typically time limits in insurance policies that define when you must notify not only the authorities, but also your insurance company.

What if the driver who hit me was drinking?

The fact that a person hit you that was drinking might impact your case in the damages category down the road, if it can be established through record evidence that he was indeed drinking. It might open up punitive damages as an element of damages that you can recover in your car accident case.

Do I have to leave the scene of the accident in an ambulance?

Yes, you can go to the hospital the next day or as soon thereafter as possible, even if you didn’t leave the scene of the accident in an ambulance. Florida does have a 14-day rule — you have to seek treatment with a medical care provider within 14 days, otherwise your PIP benefits will not be activated. Many times people tell me that they didn’t even feel an injury at the scene of the accident and it wasn’t until later that they started realizing that they had a problem. You want to treat it as soon as possible, and the next day is not too late to do so.

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